“Celebrating over 80 years of professional summer theatre in Muskoka!”            

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We've got BIG news, moving onward and upward to 2016

For many who have lived and cottaged in Muskoka for generations, Actors’ Colony is a welcome return of Straw Hat Theatre, a traditional part of summer time in Muskoka. We are the inheritor of that tradition, that started in Bala in 1934 and was the first professional theatre company in Canada.

We’re ‘in transition’ this year, presenting shows in partnership with other artists and organizations in various locations, and we’re so grateful to everyone who has helped us do that: Bala Cranberry Festival, Bala United Church, Gravenhurst Opera House, Township of Muskoka Lakes, and many, many individuals.

Several years ago, when I discovered Holly Carr’s wonderful After Hours Angel painting, I knew it was the perfect symbol for this new theatre venture. Angels, of course, come in many guises…sometimes they show up in a golf shirt and jeans and say “I’ve got an idea I want to run by you”.  That angel was Greg Knight, owner of Clear Lake Village Resort, and his idea involved renovating a building of his as a permanent home for Actors Colony Theatre! 

The new theatre will be located at the corner of Southwood and Muskoka Road 169 in Torrance, and we’re opening in Summer 2016!  Next season’s shows have been ‘short-listed’ and you’ll soon have an opportunity to take advantage of early bird pricing and buy your subscription.

Having a home for Actors’ Colony Theatre
will open possibilities beyond the traditional summer season…
cabarets, drama classes for kids and adults, holiday shows!

We are exceedingly grateful to many individuals and businesses for supporting our evolution over these past 5 years: our advertisers, donors who’ve offered cash or goods, folks who’ve opened their homes to actors, worked a shift in the box office, hung a drape, painted a flat, provided space for our box office kiosk…or bought a ticket to see a show!  

As a professional arts organization seeking to enrich the cultural and economic fabric of Muskoka Lakes, we look forward to expanding our season and program offerings, and continuing to offer opportunities for professional actors and budding Muskoka talent.
It’s a community effort in so many ways, and I am extremely proud and appreciative.  Thank you!

Eva DeGruchy Moore
 Artistic Director/Producer